One of the most popular cases on the market is the infamous Otterbox defender case. Otterbox has cases that will protect your phone no matter how high it is dropped and can withstand any kind of pressure to your phone.

However, due to its popularity and high selling price, there is a flood of counterfeit otterbox cases on the market as well. You can find these knockoffs typically on Chinese websites and on eBay and some even on Amazon. Its no secret that eBay has been known as a place where scammers tend to target due to its high traffic and simple buyers. Even with real clear pictures, it is still not enough to determine the authenticity of an otterbox case.


First off, we have the otterbox iphone 4 case which you can see from the picture below the difference form the real and the fake:


otterbox iphone 4 case

When looking to buy an otterbox case for iphone, make sure to make a checklist of the following:

  • If the screen membrane is not built into the polycarbonate shell then chances are it is a fake, no matter what the seller or company tells you
  • If the screen membrane is not scratch-resistant or fingerprint and smudge-proof then chances are it is a fake
  • Check the back of the case for the otterbox logo, if the logo looks cheaply imprinted on the back then it is probably a fake.
  • If the outer silicone is flimsy, and loosley like then it is porobably a fake as the real one feels like the material used to make car tires, hard and rugged.
  • Check for all of the current colors they have on their site, if you see a different color that is not listed on the main otterbox site, then it is probably fake

Below is another comparison of the real and fake:


otterbox iphone 4 case

otterbox iphone 4 defender case


Be cautious when buying an Otterbox case for your iPhone online as you might get scammed into getting a fake one.

Here is a picture of a 100% Real genuine otterbox case:



Here are places you may want to avoid: 





any chineese based website



Places that are safe to buy: (Main site) (no 3rd party sellers)

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